Preparing Your CV (part two)

London Secretary

Presentation of a CV

The way you present a C.V. says a great deal about you. It is absolutely imperative that you take the time to format, produce and check for any errors.

Make your CV simple and as clear as possible

  • Your C.V. should be kept to two A4 sheets of paper. A clear and logical format simplifies information for the reader (begin with most current information and work back).
  • Use a combination of headings, emboldening, underlining, upper and lower case type, and bullet points to emphasise certain information but stick to a clear typeface.
  • Short, crisp sentences are ideal with relevant information only.
  • Avoid jargons, abbreviations, repetitiveness and use plain English.
  • Tailoring your C.V. to a position will produce far greater success than producing hundreds of generic ones.
  • Be honest and accurate - remember this information is very likely to form the basis of your interview.

Accompaniments to a CV

    • A C.V. should always be accompanied with a covering email/letter, be addressed to a person by name rather than simply Dear Sir/Madam and be a maximum of one page.
    • State the position you are applying for and where/when you saw it advertised quoting any Refs.
    • Say why you want the job and what you could offer the prospective employer. Include any additional relevant information which may not be covered on your C.V.
    • State where/how the recipient can contact you for further information.

Finally-end on a positive note!

Say that you look forward to speaking to them in the near future!!

Good Luck!

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Very helpful and friendly staff, great knowledge of the company and what the job involved, kept in touch throughout- good communication. Placed me into a job where I was very keen in going into, and overall a very pleasant and pleasing experience throughout! Carmen K. - Candidate March 2010