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You Don't Have to Pick a Pocket or Scrooge


As we approach Christmas 2011 the world finds itself at the centre of an economic circus. Europe has discovered that the single currency has not created a single economy, the Murdoch media empire has begun to crumble under scrutiny of its ethics and Occupy protesters stage mock tours of London’s financial district, exposing what they see as pure greed and corruption. But does success always rely on a Scrooge like business method or is there an alternative?
The blueprint for achieving success has long been embedded in the public consciousness. Each year the contest to become Alan Sugar’s next apprentice has resulted in increasingly cut-throat behaviour as individuals of all ages battle it out inside the famous boardroom. Similarly TV’s ‘Dragon’s Den’ has also seen notable entrepreneurs competing to invest and profit from the next big thing. Many of these individuals seem to believe the key to professional development lies in taking away opportunities from others but does pick pocketing the competition allow for long term success?
Whilst struggling to be first over the finishing line and seize the next money making opportunity it can be easy to cut corners. At a time when companies are having to count every cost, make lists and check them twice, customer satisfaction has greater significance than ever. Businesses seem keen to work alongside organisations who value the success of their client’s business as much as their own. As a result the personal touch can account for a great deal.
Despite the current financial climate 2012 looks set to be a memorable year and an opportunity to plan for prosperity. At Ainsley Morgan Appointments our aim for success is to continue the support offered to our loyal client base as well as create new and lasting relationships.

We hope you will join us in building success with goodwill, honesty and integrity.

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Written By: Ainsley Morgan On: 20th Dec 11

Very helpful and friendly staff, great knowledge of the company and what the job involved, kept in touch throughout- good communication. Placed me into a job where I was very keen in going into, and overall a very pleasant and pleasing experience throughout!.Carmen K. - Candidate March 2010