Financial Worker






1) To accurately maintain all aspects of the company's day-to-day accounts and payroll using (primarily) the Caliq software accounts system, up to and including monthly Trial Balance and Management Accounts, and to carry out the various tasks related to this as required.




1) General

Efficiently and effectively using the company's accounts systems (both Caliq and such other offline systems as may be used). Acquiring and developing an understanding of their component parts and of the relationship between those parts, and demonstrating the ability to impart information about the accounts as required to other staff and (e.g.) auditors.


2)Transaction Entry

Accurately entering all transactions in the Ledgers and Cash Books as appropriate, and posting them to the correct Nominal Ledger Accounts.


3)  Nominal Ledger Maintenance

Making appropriate use of Nominal Ledger journals to account for mis-postings, accruals and prepayments, etc.


4) Supplier Maintenance

Accurately maintaining details of all suppliers in the Creditors Ledger.


5) Payroll

Processing the company's monthly payroll (this is done using cloud-based payroll software).


6) Account Reconciliation

Correctly allocating payments and credits against invoices to ensure that Debtors' and Creditors' accounts remain reconciled, and taking appropriate action as directed to deal with any discrepancies.


7) Bank Reconciliation

Accurately reconciling bank statements against cash book records.


8) Petty Cash

Controlling petty cash issues and receipts; ensuring that petty cash records are kept up to date and accurate at all times, and that physical cash always matches the expected figure as per the accounts. This will entail maintenance of both the Caliq Cash Manager and offline records.


9) Supplier Payments

Ensuring that all creditor invoices are paid (by BACS, cheque or as otherwise appropriate) according to agreed terms, subject to authorisation from management.


10) Period and Year-End

Carrying out period and year-end procedures as directed to ensure that all account balances are correctly posted and carried forward. Producing (and verifying the accuracy of) monthly Trial Balance and management accounts.


11) VAT

Accurate and timely production of quarterly VAT Returns and EU Sales listings.


12) Financial Reporting

Production of financial reports for management as required, using both Caliq reports and external tools such as Microsoft Excel where appropriate.


13)  Banking

Processing and banking of cash and cheque payments received.


14) Other duties

The above list of duties and responsibilities is not exhaustive, and you may also be asked to carry out other duties from time to time; however no employee shall be unreasonably required to perform duties for which he or she has not received adequate training.


In the performance of all tasks you must comply fully with all company rules and procedures as notified to you. You must also comply with both company and statutory regulations relating to health and safety at work.


You will be directly responsible for the performance of your duties to the Deputy Managing Director. You will also act upon any reasonable instructions received from other members of management.





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