Interview Techniques  - Preparation & Research

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At Ainsley Morgan experience has shown us some simple steps to successful interview techniques. First and foremost make sure you have the correct information in regard to the name of company, date, time of interview, interviewers name and finally address and telephone number. These should all be noted for future reference.

The better prepared you are, the chances of success are increased dramatically. You will feel more confident and more assertive in the interview. Preparation is vital, your first point of contact should be with your Recruitment Consultant to advise you of the company products, services, size, competitors, ethos, philosophy, location, turnover, aspirations and any other useful background information. Other means of research should include websites, relevant brochures/literature and industry knowledge.

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By going the extra mile you will demonstrate an impressive level of interest and create an excellent impression, first hand.

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Very helpful and friendly staff, great knowledge of the company and what the job involved, kept in touch throughout- good communication. Placed me into a job where I was very keen in going into, and overall a very pleasant and pleasing experience throughout!.Carmen K. - Candidate March 2010