The Interview (Part One)

Financial Worker

Be courteous, smile and shake hands firmly. Your overall posture, gestures and facial expressions will reveal a lot about you, therefore come across as enthusiastic, interested and alert as this will in turn create an overall good feeling to the prospective employer. The right attitude is all important to any organisation.

  • Wait to be shown where to take a seat.
  • Look the interviewer in the eye and smile when appropriate (a friendly disposition goes a long way, but always remain professional).
  • If you are being interviewed by more than one person, always look at and address the person who posed the question, then glance at the others as you are coming to the end of your answer.
  • Compose yourself comfortably, don't fidget, don't tap your feet or objects, or sprawl. To accept a refreshment of some kind is acceptable if you are going to drink it otherwise decline as it may be an unnecessary distraction.
  • Most importantly have any mobile phones etc on silent or switched off before the interview.

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Very helpful and friendly staff, great knowledge of the company and what the job involved, kept in touch throughout- good communication. Placed me into a job where I was very keen in going into, and overall a very pleasant and pleasing experience throughout!.Carmen K. - Candidate March 2010