Interview Techniques - First Impressions Count

London Personal Assistant

First impressions certainly do count. Are you looking your absolute best? Have you actually made every effort you possibly could? This will naturally boost your confidence and place you in a better frame of mind as well. This will have a direct impact on your success at interviews.

  • Suits are on the decline in the workplace. However there is no excuse not to dress appropriately for the interview. It is imperative that you are advised as to the required dress code for that particular company/department.
  • Perfume and aftershave should be used in small amounts, if at all. If you wear jewellery make sure it is kept to a minimum.
  • Do not wear overbearing colours especially socks, ties or scarves.
  • Keep to clean lines.
  • Hairstyles and make-up should be simple and natural.

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Very helpful and friendly staff, great knowledge of the company and what the job involved, kept in touch throughout- good communication. Placed me into a job where I was very keen in going into, and overall a very pleasant and pleasing experience throughout! Carmen K. - Candidate March 2010